Who We Are

Four decades after it opened Boston City Hall still inspires strong opinions.  Its powerful forms evoke the role a “government of the people” can play in a society constantly redefining its idea of democracy.  Its concrete colonnade abstracts the image of a classical temple for a culture questioning how to meaningfully engage with the past. And its sculpted brick walls turn an ancient material into something out of which we can shape an unknowable future.  Boston City Hall is flawed to be sure, but in its complex play of forms and spaces and honest expression of contemporary materials it brilliantly reflects the complexities of the modern world.

The Friends of City Hall is a diverse group of citizens who believe that City Hall should be preserved for its powerful evocation of Boston’s aspirations.  We also believe that, like the City it serves, the building must evolve to meet the needs of successive generations.   Along with the plaza, it is not just a symbol, a sculpture, or a piece of our history, but a place that must accommodate the daily needs of those who visit or work within it. Our goal is to provide a forum for exploring how Boston City Hall and plaza should change, and the tools, advocacy and support to make that change happen.